The Healthy Communities Initiative

The global pandemic has unleashed the resourcefulness of communities as they support their members through challenging circumstances, building resilience in people and places.

Through the Healthy Communities Initiative, the government of Canada has funded over 1000 pandemic-responsive placemaking projects to date.

A family of four plays basketball on a beautiful sunny day.

How it Works

Are you fostering a community or a place that allows everyone to thrive, prosper and enjoy themselves in an inspiring setting? Or would you like to?

Attend Events

The Events Calendar can connect you to placemakers and communities across the country. Check out upcoming local gatherings or share your own!

Share Inspiration

The Community Stories Blog can help you learn and discover how placemakers across Canada are building vibrant local communities and creating a sense of belonging. Do you have a story to tell? Share it with the wider community!

Learn from Experts

The crowd-sourced Resource Library is designed to support, inspire, and help bring your placemaking projects to life. Do you have a resource to share? It belongs here, too!

Upcoming Events

Check out these placemaking events happening across Canada! Placemaking is the conscious act of fostering communities that allow everyone to thrive, prosper, and enjoy themselves in inspiring settings. Look for events in your neighbourhood or find one online.

Have an event you want to share?

Events bring people together! Share your upcoming activities to the Placemaking Community Calendar while keeping up with events across the country!

Your Stories

Get inspired! Read these stories from the field and share yours! Discover how people like you are building vibrant local communities and creating a sense of belonging across Canada

Imagine This in Your Community

Check out these placemaking projects for ideas and inspiration to support your community’s efforts!

Who is behind Canada’s Placemaking Community?

Canada’s Placemaking Community is organized and curated by the Healthy Communities Initiative team at the Canadian Urban Institute along with our partners. It is funded by the Government of Canada.