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Winter Cities Toolkit

Powered by 8 80 Cities, use this toolkit to explore tools and resources to create more welcoming and inclusive winter cities and public spaces.


Vancouver Public Space Network

As an advocacy organization, the VPSN works to champion the importance of public space to the overall livability of the city.


School Streets Guidebook

The School Streets Guidebook from 8 80 Cities provides information and resources to help community leaders, school officials or municipal and regional government representatives to develop and deliver School Streets.


Toronto Public Space Committee

The Toronto Public Space Committee is a volunteer collective of people who are passionate about public space.


Guidelines for safe, happy and fun park programming during COVID-19

Park People has prepared this planning guide to assist you in delivering safe and successful face-to-face programs during this challenging period of Covid-19.


My City Too Guide: an initiative by 8 80 Cities and EcoKids to develop a strategy to advance outdoor free play and independent mobility

An 8 80 Cities Guide to advancing outdoor free play and independent mobility as cornerstones of a more child friendly Toronto.