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Highlights and Challenges in Building Inclusive Local Economies

This series of stories from the Metcalf Foundation, in partnership with Metcalf grantee and award-winning outlet The Local, explores the Inclusive Local Economies program and its focus on making precarious jobs better, supporting the upward mobility of workers, reducing barriers for low-income entrepreneurs and alternative business models, and leveraging the capacity of neighbourhoods to improve the economic livelihoods of low-income residents.


Spectrum of Public Participation

IAP2’s Spectrum of Public Participation was designed to assist with the selection of the level of participation that defines the public’s role in any public participation process..


The Connected Community Approach: What It Is and Why It Matters

A helpful community building resource from the East Scarborough Storefront which emphasizes relationship building between different stakeholders.


ICLEI Canada: Advancing Adaptation Case Studies

The Advancing Adaptation Project aimed to increase climate change resilience in Ontario municipalities by supporting adaptation planning, building local adaptation capacity, and supporting the implementation of adaptation initiatives in the Great Lakes watershed. 11 case studies were developed to showcase the process, experience, and learnings from each implementation action.


Inhibited Growth: Examining Public Investment Gaps in Black Infrastructure Needs

This report identifies the need for community-led social infrastructure geared to Toronto’s diverse Black communities. It highlights both the growing importance of community-led social infrastructure as recognized by academia and public policy, and the undeniable gaps for Toronto’s Black communities to access and lead these spaces.


Project for Public Spaces

The Project for Public Spaces brings public spaces to life by planning and designing them with the people who use them every day.