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Park Activities and Events Library

Park People's library of programming ideas to activate parks and public spaces. Explore the page for a wide range of inspirations.


My City Too Guide: an initiative by 8 80 Cities and EcoKids to develop a strategy to advance outdoor free play and independent mobility

An 8 80 Cities Guide to advancing outdoor free play and independent mobility as cornerstones of a more child friendly Toronto.


880 Cities Civic Engagement Tools Library

An 8 80 Cities resource page designed for people who will be conducting community engagement activities.


Collective Impact Forum: helps communities collaborate to reach their goals

A place for those practicing collective impact to find the tools, resources, and advice they need.


Participatory Canada

Participatory Canada invites residents and neighbourhoods to create practical everyday projects that build on local assets, meet local needs, and find common solutions to some of the most pressing, universal issues facing our generation.