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Placemaking. What is it? Why is it important? What are the benefits? This site and their online courses explain it all! The place to learn about placemaking - a collaboration between Town Team Movement and PlacemakingX.


11th International Public Markets Conference Report

The 11th edition of the International Public Markets Conference took place in Toronto, June 8-10, 2023. Read highlights from this year's events in the Conference Report!


A New Bottom Line: The Value & Impact of Placemaking Manifesto

From MASSIVart, learn about the manifesto behind their recent study on creative placemaking and ROI. This study, conducted by Toronto Metropolitan University in collaboration with The Daniels Corporation, Entro, LeMay and MASSIVart found an increase in personal connection, more time spent, sense of safety and more shareability of locations with placemaking interventions.


Waterfront Public Life Study

This resource from MASSIVart shares the evaluation , takeaways, and future recommendations resulting from the Waterfront Public Life Pilot done in conjunction with the Toronto Waterfront BIA. This resource is the second of two reports produced from the project and zooms-in on the Alpha Bravo Charlie installation.