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Winter Cities Toolkit

Powered by 8 80 Cities, use this toolkit to explore tools and resources to create more welcoming and inclusive winter cities and public spaces.


Creating Parks and Public Spaces for People of All Ages: A Step-by-Step Guide

This collaborative resource highlights the importance of parks — and gives community leaders tools they can use to both create and improve green spaces and public places for people of all ages.


Making Connections: Planning Parks and Open Space in Urban Neighbourhoods

This report by Park People proposes strategies for creating a network of parks and open spaces that can connect our parks, ravines, hydro and rail corridors, streets, laneways, schoolyards, and other public spaces.


Thriving Places: A Case Study Toolkit of Urban Parks and Open Spaces in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

This toolkit from Park People highlights new urban parks and open spaces in the Greater Golden Horseshoe that showcase creative ideas for planning, designing, programming, and engaging community in public spaces in intensifying neighbourhoods.


Park Activities and Events Library

Park People's library of programming ideas to activate parks and public spaces. Explore the page for a wide range of inspirations.